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  18104E, 18106E, 18106H  
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  • Introducing a complete re-design of the traffic channelizer. The Cordonator™ accomodates ballast and beacons currently in use. Cordonator folds flat to 4.5" thick, even with lantern attached. This means less worker time in traffic during set-up and retrieval. It also means shipping, handling, and storage costs are dramatically reduced.
  • Ergonomic handling makes cordoning of work zones easier and more productive. Less workers and trucks will maximize municipal budgets. Cordonators can be shipped together or separate. A revolutionary ball and detent design snaps the unit in place with a simple twist of the handle. Flat surfaces and several reflective points make Cordonator highly visible - day or night. Cordonators will integrate well with old style channelizers during changeover.
  • 18104E : Traffic Barricade, Orange, 4" Engineer Grade Sheeting 18106E : Traffic Barricade, Orange, 6" Engineer Grade Sheeting 18106H : Traffic Barricade, Orange, 6" High Intensity Sheeting 1810NS : Traffic Barricade, Orange, No Sheeting 1812TR : Tire Ring Base, Fits All Barricades