EAGLE Paint & Ink Safety Cabinets
Reference Part
  PI-32 / YPI-62  
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  • FM approved cabinets for safely and securely storing and organizing paint and ink cans. These cabinets include all the features of other Eagle cabinets and are available in red and yellow with additional shelves to maximize storage space. Capacity is based on the number of 1 gallon paint containers the cabinet will hold.
  • Galvanized steel shelves, adjustable on 4.75" centers, support 350 pounds.
  • Galvanized steel leveling legs
  • Internal and external welded 18 gauge steel double wall panel construction with 1.5" air space
  • 2" raised leakproof sill
  • 2" vent with fire baffle and cap
  • Ground connection
  • New 30 Gallon models are designed to store30 - 1 gallon paint cans or 252 - 12oz. aerosol cans. Available in red and yellow finishes with manual orself-closing doors. See tables below for model numbers and specifications.