PCCS Phase 1 FR Vest w/Pair Cooling Packs
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  • When heat stress poses a serious threat, or when an employee has suffered a heat stress condition, PCCS delivers a serious solution. Vest fabric Proban FR7A Blue, creates a microclimate that keeps cooling against body in and keeps extreme environmental heat out. Vest includes PCP1 Pair of PCCS Cooling Packs, one for front and one for back of vest.
  • Maintains 65° Fahrenheit/18° Celsius Cooling that lasts 2-3 hours. Duration may vary with conditions. Shirt Style. Approx. 3.5 lb, includes more than 20” Reflexite®. One size fits most with hook and loop adjustments at shoulders and hook and loop horizontal closures. Often preferred by women.
  • Replacement cooling packs and outer vest also sold separately.